Our Team

All our team members work together to maintain technically guided formulations and improvement in the quality of products. They also assist each other for learning and adapting newer ways of working that are much optimal, technically advanced and focused on customers satisfaction. These professionals are well-aware of the markets & their needs. Thus, they keep upgrading themselves with time to stay appropriate for meeting those needs.

For the flawless supply of Chemical Additives, Bentonite Clays, Polymer Powders, PP Fibers & Wood Fibers, Urea Formaldehyde Resins and Cellulose Ethers, in domestic and foreign areas, this team utilizes advanced technology, technology based promotions and other applications. After keen market analysis and deep insight to exact requirements of customers only, we work carefully to provide the best business experience to the customers. Furthermore, the simple approach of this team is to maintain convenience in the work flow for all the customers spread across the world.

Our Advantages 

With time, we have grown to become a trustworthy choice for the customers who seek for quality beyond regular standards. To them, we assure that our premium quality chemical products are always available at cost-effective prices. Moreover, our overall work processes are designed significantly for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. This way, we aim to maintain long-term relations with them that are full of growth, profits and trustfulness.   

  • Experience: With our experience of around 16 years, we have better understanding of R&D, production and business management.
  • Quality Insurance: Our quality control system strictly adheres to worldwide standards.
  • Professional Teams: Our team is filled with educated professionals who have done Majors in Chemical, Chemical application and marketing.
  • Good Service: The pre-sale services and after sale services team of ours provide professional & good services.


We keep our keen focus on stability of quality, cost-effectiveness in prices and faster-better professional services. With this, we strive for the expansion of our network base through conceptual and technically advanced services.

Sustainable Development

It is a critical time for us all when we all need to adapt the work strategies and facilities that empowers sustainable development in environmentally friendly manner. This is why, we at Goodyear Global Tech have policies to work carefully for the prevention of environment, health & safety of employees as well as workplace. The entire infrastructure of ours is maintained to protect the environment from unreasonable risks. We regularly inspect, clean and sanitize our infrastructural area for safe development, production, storage and end transportation. 

We also believe that for the value based growth for long-term basis a harmony among the economic, social and environmental needs & responsibilities is required. Only the quality certified material is used by our end for the production of Cellulose Ethers, Polymer Powders, Chemical Additives, Bentonite Clays, Urea Formaldehyde Resins and PP Fibers & Wood Fibers. The corporate culture of ours and the values adhered by us are well-maintained as per the parameters set for sustainable success in economic, environmental and social terms.

Our Focus Areas 

  • Create Customer Value: With our futuristic work, we aim to create value for every single customer associated with us.
  • Concern Employee growth: To maintain growth opportunities for employees and help them in reaching to their fullest potential.
  • Being Sustainable: To run a business which impacts the communities as well as industrial areas in positive ways for a longer time.

Application Areas & Partners

Our enterprise has been contributing to various sectors including Building Mortars, Wall Paints, Concretes, Woodworking, Suspension Systems and Animal Feeds in numerous ways. Through our highly reliable product range containing PP Fibers & Wood Fibers, Cellulose Ethers, Chemical Additives, Polymer Powders, Urea Formaldehyde Resins and Bentonite Clays, we have developed a large list of Celanese, Evonik Power To Create, Munzing Creating Additive Value, etc.

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